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Did you know that pigs are highly intelligent animals? Some studies even show that they are smarter than dogs. Scientists have even determined that pigs have the intelligence level of a three-year-old child. Despite this, pigs have a bad reputation as being dumb, dirty, and boring when they are in fact the opposite.

These sweet creatures are not only smart, but they are clean, highly social, and incredibly playful animals. Pigs are also extremely emotionally complex, forming strong bonds with their babies and even singing to them. They even form close bonds with their human families and excitedly respond when called by name, just like dogs and cats do! Unfortunately, despite their similarities with household pets and incredible intelligence, pigs are more often looked at as food rather than friends, subjected to brutal abuse at the hands of the factory farm industry.

If people were to better understand these gentle, innocent babies perhaps there would be a shift in the way we treat them. Take a look at this adorable video of a little girl playing with her fun-loving pig, Bean, to see how social and playful pigs are when we treat them as they should be treated: with love and kindness!