This story with a sad start has a truly happy ending. Julie, a sweet, little dog at the POLA Foundation, had to have her tail amputated. Needless to say, this was far from Julie’s best day. But one compassionate girl changed everything.

This girl — who is not named in the video — was visiting POLA and fell in love with Julie right away. She was distraught leaving the shelter without the little dog and was incredibly emotional. The girl felt a connection and wanted nothing more than to take this pup home. We don’t know what happened behind the scenes but the girl must have made a convincing case to her parents/guardians, as she was brought back to POLA to see Julie for her birthday. Only, this time it was to take her home!


The staff put wrapping paper over Julie’s cage to heighten the excitement and celebration. The girl carefully pulled the paper away and let her new pup out. Julie sprung from the cage to her new best friend, her happiness easy to see by everyone around her. We’re happy for both of these wonderful girls and wish them the absolute best in the future.

Here’s to more animals making powerful connections with people and to more animals finding loving forever homes.