Milk has been touted a staple in the American diet for decades, and while milk consumption is considered a cultural norm, few people are actually aware of what happens in order for us to have milk.  Even though cows are mammals, just like us, many people don’t even realize that a cow has to give birth to a baby to produce milk! If humans are the ones drinking the milk … then, what happens to the baby? Sadly, these calves are ripped away from their mothers, often within hours or days, of being born and sent to slaughter, while their mothers are hooked up to milking machines. The concept can be a hard one for even adults to grapple with, but sometimes, children have a way of making complicated things seem so simple.

That’s what this adorable three-year-old girl in this video does when she learns the truth about where milk comes from. Her solution? She’s not going to drink cow’s milk anymore. “We can’t…we don’t need to,” she says. Instead of hurting these baby cows by drinking their milk, she’s come up with a better idea: “Let’s go save those cows!” She even enlists her mom to help saying, “We got to hold them together.”

We can’t help but be completely inspired by this little girl and her compassion for animals. And the best part is, she doesn’t have to give up any of her favorite things. Almond, soy, coconut, and so many other non-dairy milks, cheeses  are everywhere! Even Ben & Jerry’s just released four dairy-free flavors … Mmmm. Want to help save cows along with this little girl? Check out One Green Planet’s #EatForThe Planet campaign and see how you can change the world for animals and the environment just by changing what’s on your plate, or in your glass.