Despite their age and experience of the world, little kids are some of the most compassionate and intuitive people around. They exist in a world that is not yet weighed down with the trappings of society and the expectations that accompany it. They wear what they want, they don’t apologize for their feelings, and above all else, they say what they want.

In this video, we see a little girl who has just learned what the hamburgers that she “loves” are made of – and she is not happy about it. Through tearful gasps, she tells her mother that she no longer wants to eat meat. We can’t help but giggle when she says she doesn’t want to “dress up” as a vegetarian. The little one does have a point, though, most people think that going vegetarian or vegan means changing your entire identity and is therefore much more complicated than simply “not eating meat.”


We could all stand to learn a thing or two about compassion from this little one. When we stop thinking passively about our food choices and investigate the cost of the things we consume, we stand to discover our own personal power. By reducing our consumption of meat and dairy, we can not only help animals but improve our own health and that of the planet. So while this girl might be small, the positive impact she stands to have is quite big.

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