Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary (BLES) in Sukhothai, Thailand recently welcomed an elephant whose arrival had been eagerly awaited for some time now. Pang Fai is an elderly elephant who urgently needed to retire and settle down in a new, comfortable home. Now she has found that special place at BLES and her first moments at the new home were a sight to remember.

The BLES team has known Pang Fai for over 10 years and is now incredibly happy to be able to welcome her into the family. At the sanctuary, the beautiful elephant will spend the rest of her life in safety, surrounded by loving and dedicated carers. Look at the beautiful moment her chains were finally removed! 


For years, Pang Fai lived very near the sanctuary. “Her owner, who loves her very much and has cared for her for the past 32 years, is also old and wanting to retire,” said Katherine Connor, founder of BLES.

To be able to take the elephant in and provide her with the best care possible, BLES launched a fundraiser and succeeded in raising over $15,000!

Thanks to that precious support, the team was eventually able to share the heart-warming pictures of their “newest and (possibly the sweetest!) elephant” walking into her new home for the first time.

Once she was walked in from the village, Pang Fai had a welcome buffet already waiting for her – and she was clearly very happy with the warm welcome.

“She stood in the sunshine for hours, slowly eating her way through it all,the team wrote.Every now and then she would pause, glance over at Hope, Noah and her owner, who sat in the shade, smiling proudly at our sweet lady….”


Pan Fai has many more feasts like this one ahead of her – and hopefully very many years of happiness at the sanctuary among her new friends.

“Thank you to every single one of you who made this happen,” BLES said. “Pang Fai is one, very, happy elephant right now and she is a testament to what we can all achieve, when we come together and put compassion first.”

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All image source: Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary/Facebook