If you haven’t had your dose of cuteness for the day, look no further. This sweet and kind-hearted little boy just can’t stop kissing the little lamb he’s holding, and we completely understand why! Just look at how adorable he is! The love this little ginger-haired boy is showing this lamb is a reminder that just as little humans need kindness, affection, and love, so do animals, including farm animals.

It’s easy to appreciate how cute and innocent farm animals are when they are little, we all feel the need to cuddle them and protect them. However, few people think about what these same baby animals will go through as they grow up. The reality is that most of them will be used either for breeding, a life of milk production, or slaughter.


Additionally, farm animals are not very different from your domestic animals at home. They too have their own preferences, dislikes, and personalities and if given the chance, they can be just as loyal, fun, and affectionate. When you begin to think of farm animals as more than just “food,” only then can we begin to really make a difference in the lives of farm animals. That is why videos like this one shared by PACMA, are so important.

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