Have you ever cared about something so much that it just brought you to tears? Have you ever been so impassioned by something that you vowed to commit the rest of your life to fixing it? Well, Henry the little boy in this video certainly has.

According to the video’s YouTube description, Henry’s mom explains that she picked him up from school and was surprised to learn he was so incredibly passionate about the planet! But listening to Henry talking about all the ridiculous things that people are doing to the world, we can’t help but think how anyone could NOT be so angry and emotional about the things being done. Chopping down forests to build places, throwing their trash on the ground and not caring, hurting animals!? Seriously, the things we’ve done to the world are straight up unacceptable. While we might grow immune to seeing these atrocities as we get older and become complacent in “the way things are,” Henry refuses to accept this. And frankly, we think he is spot on!

There is nothing that makes us more upset than knowing every day massive swaths of forest are being chopped down to make room for animal agriculture or palm oil plantations and animals are killed for our food or to be made into trophies and trinkets. The world needs a serious wake-up call – and we are determined to make that happen … and we genuinely think that Henry can help us along the way. So, Henry – when you’re old enough, please apply for a job here and help us inspire millions of other little Green Monsters like yourself! Until that day comes, keep on spreading the word!