Many of us know the warmth, joy, and companionship that a dog offers, and how devastating it can be when we lose one of our most loyal friends. So when Corryn and Alex Martin learned that their three-month-old golden retriever, Lily, was diagnosed with renal dysplasia, a fatal kidney disorder, they knew they had to make the most of her final days.

According to Corryn, the veterinarian told them their options were to return Lily to the breeder or put her down. They couldn’t bear to do either. “Euthanizing her was never an option for us. She’s like our baby, so we began forming a plan,” Corryn said.


That plan includes completing an amazing bucket list in Hawaii that has garnered Lily more than 1,700 Instagram followers. Check out Lily’s adventures!

Lily heads to the sea with her humans! Feelin’ the breeze in her fur as she rides on a boat! 

Of course, she’s gotta eat her fruits veggies. Lily knows what’s up! (Look at that smile!!) 

Look at her rockin’ that Hawaiian shirt. We think she pulls it off better than most people, don’t you?


Enjoyin’ a day at the park. She got to ride down the slide again and again! 

Lily always seems to be smelling the roses. What a pup

These are just a handful of photos of Lily having a great time completing her bucket list. Like Lily says in her Instagram profile, “Join me and offer aloha as I run thru my bucket list with my friends and fam.” If you’d like to continue to follow Lily’s journey, you can visit her Instagram account!

All Image Source: Lilyshawaiianbucketlist/Instagram