Penguins are suffering from the effects of climate change. Shifting ice sheets and melting icebergs are disrupting penguin foraging and breeding habitats in Antarctica. Emperor penguins, the world’s most loved and well-known penguin, is marching towards extinction here. The penguins depend on Antarctica’s ice desert for breeding each year, but their homes are melting away at a rapid rate.

Remember those penguins who starred in the film “March of the Penguins”. Well, more than half of them are gone because of human-made climate change.


“Stephanie Jenouvrier, a Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution biologist, pegs the population of the breeding pairs at 3,000, and estimates ‘roughly 500 to 600 breeding pairs remaining by the year 2100,’” as reported by OGP’s Kathleen Dematera.

However, we can still be a voice to these flightless birds. The Commission for the Conservation of
Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) can create safe marine reserves in Antarctica’s waters, if they are granted the permission.

This all depends on a global meeting, to be held this October, where 24 countries and the European Union will decide the fate of penguins. Lend your voice and let international leaders know that they can make a huge difference in the fate of penguins. Because without penguins in the world — doing amazing things like doing the wave — the world would be a much bleaker place. Sign the petition today:

Image Source: Eli Duke/Flickr