Some celebrities fill their social media pages with selfies, while others fill it with pictures of rescued dogs in the hopes of finding them a loving forever home. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking to your own account to show the world how amazing your new t-shirt looks the moment you try it on in the dressing room, there’s something to be said for those who share their stardom, and their Instagram, with those in more need of exposure than them.

What does it say about us that we kind of want this shirt?


Which is why Lena Dunham is so incredibly awesome. Actually, she’s awesome for a variety of reasons, but the topic today is her decision to begin featuring a dog per week from the non-profit rescue See Spot Run in Jersey City, New Jersey (they have a South Street location in New York City too). Using the hashtag #dogdayafternoon, Dunham is featuring a pooch per week that the rescue has posted on their own Instagram account in the hopes of getting them adopted.

Julie is ready for primetime … and adoption! (Check her out at See Spot Rescued)

Celebrities that use their fame to help worthwhile causes are always the tops in our books. Between six and eight million homeless dogs and cats enter U.S. shelters each and every year, with only about three to four million of them ever making it to a forever home. That means that half of the healthy, adoptable animals in shelters never make it out. That’s a staggering amount of pets just waiting to lick your face or brush up against your hand in order to demand a back rub, which makes adopting from a shelter instead of buying a pet from a store or breeder imperative.

Ruby Dee is as sweet as can be! (Check her out at See Spot Rescued)


Don’t live in the New Jersey or New York area? No worries, take a trip down to a shelter near you if you’re looking to share your home with a new furry family member. You can also follow Dunham’s lead and share pup pics on your own social media too! It can be a whole #dogdayafternooon movement!

Lead image source: lenadunham/Instagram