Have you ever browsed through One Green Planet and wondered who is behind all of the content that publishes every day? Surely, given the number of posts and consistent influx of new and exciting ideas and initiatives featured on the site, there must be an army behind this growing green machine … well, we’re here to tell you that it really all boils down to the leadership and dedication of our Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief Nil Zacharias who inspires a small team of passionate and talented individuals with the mission to create a world where we eat delicious food and use amazing products that provide us with maximum benefit and have minimum impact on the planet.

Nil co-founded One Green Planet in 2013 and over the course of three years, the website has gone from around 300,000 visitors per month to upwards of six million. All the while, the site’s growth has been driven and derived from the underlying mission to, quite simply, change the world. The ideas that have shaped One Green Planet into the largest and fastest growing digital media company in the sustainability space, all stem from Nil’s personal passion for inspiring and empowering people to make planet-friendly choices and supporting industry-transforming innovations.


In a recent interview with Katrina Fox of Vegan Business Media, Nil goes into rare detail about his realization that animal agriculture is at the heart of our environmental crisis and his thoughts on how digital media – and social media in particular – can be harnessed to inspire millennials and create a real grassroots movement that furthers the idea that our daily choices can be used as a tool for change. Using this underlying understanding of environmental issues and passion for positioning personal food choices as the most powerful solution, Nil has managed to craft and transform the definition of “green” through One Green Planet’s content.



So, if you’re interested in learning more about how One Green Planet has grown exponentially all while remaining completely independent and refusing to compromise on the integrity of our mission, Nil’s tips for creating content with a purpose, in addition to his impassioned and hopeful message about how One Green Planet aims to catalyze meaningful change in our global food system, check out the interview below:


The interview can also be found, here.

For more from Nil Zacharias, click here. You can find him on Twitter @nilzach.


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