one green planet
one green planet

World leaders have announced that Europeans will need to reduce their meat and dairy intake by almost one-third over the coming years!

As part of a UN report at the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting, the International Resource Panel reports via Food Navigator that “expanding the amount of land used for crops to meet growing demand for food – particularly meat and dairy – and for biomass, is unsustainable under business as usual conditions.”

The report asserts that reducing meat consumption by 25 percent and cutting household food waste by at least 15 percent would save substantial land area by 2030. Cropland expansion would need to be limited in a range between eight and 37 percent.

“Reducing excessive consumption provides high untapped potential for ‘saving’ land, notably by reducing food waste and losses, shifting to more vegetal diets in high meat-consuming countries, and improving the fuel efficiency by transport and housing,” the report states.

This is definitely some great news, as any reduction in meat consumption will not only save animals, but also help protect our environment and our health.

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Image source: Ewen Munro / Flickr