We rarely stop and think about how similar animals are to us. Of course, we know our dogs and cats love us and share the same need to socialize and feel cared for, but we seldom sympathize with the experience of animals in the same way we would a fellow person. When it comes to helping an animal that is injured or recovering from some sort of neglect, however, it is this exact kind of treatment that is needed to help them recover, and in the case of little Eliza lamb, that is precisely what she got thanks to the kind people at Farm Sanctuary and the Stewart family.

Eliza’s mother Martha was the victim of horrific abuse at the Franklinville Farm. When rescuers from Farm Sanctuary arrived to save the animals living on the decrepit farm, they noticed Martha right away and shortly thereafter the ill sheep collapsed right in front of them. Although the Farm Sanctuary team tried as hard as they could to save Martha, she unfortunately, passed away as a result of pregnancy toxicity leaving little Eliza behind.


It was certainly not the first time Farm Sanctuary had dealt with caring for a recently orphaned sheep, but poor Eliza was too scared and thin to carry on in their shelter without constant attention. With a bit of quick thinking, it was decided that this small lamb would go to Tracey and Jon Stewart’s new farm sanctuary where she could get the personalized love and care she so desperately cried out for.

After a five-hour car ride, during which Eliza barely slept due to nerves, the lamb finally arrived at the place where she would meet her future best friend, Maggie. Even though Maggie is but a wee one herself, her huge heart and compassionate nature made her the perfect foster mom for Eliza.

Sweet Eliza might have lost her mom, but she learned to love again thanks to Maggie.

Maggie took up all the responsibilities that come with caring for a lamb, giving her regular bottle feedings, making sure she gets tons of hugs, and of course, a healthy dose of play time. Because Maggie was able to sympathize with Eliza and act as anyone would with another person in need, this small lamb now has a fair shot at life. If not for Farm Sanctuary’s intervention, Eliza would have been raised as a breeding sheep and likely killed for her meat one day. Instead, she gets to live out her days surrounded by nothing but love and joy.

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All image source: Farm Sanctuary