When Signal Hill Sanctuary in Australia got a call from a veterinarian that a lamb had been spotted on the side of the road and needed help, they immediately made it their mission to save her.

A man was driving when he spotted the lamb, later named Scarlett, and knew something was not right. He immediately pulled over to grab her, and what he found was shocking. Her ears had been chewed off! He took her to the vet, who estimated little Scarlett was only four days old!


The vet thought that the lamb had a chance at survival, so she called Signal Hill to see if they could take her in … and, of course, they said yes!

On the day of her rescue, the vet found blood in her urine, which was most likely due to the high stress of the violent situation she endured!  But now, Signal Hill reports that Scarlett is doing well! In a Facebook post, they wrote, “She’s putting on weight, a couple of days ago she started to play like a lamb should and her appetite is reasonable.”

Because of her ear wounds, the little lamb is currently on pain relief medication and antibiotics. She will certainly need time to heal, but so far, lil’ Scarlett’s ears are healing nicely!

Now, Scarlett is ten days old! “She’s still very much at risk, but I’m feeling fairly confident she’s going to make it through,” Signal Hill wrote on Facebook.


In a beautiful tribute to a young girl named Scarlett who had tragically passed away last year, the team at Signal Hill decided that this lamb would be her namesake.

The sanctuary wrote on Facebook, “One of the things her [Scarlett’s] father said at her funeral is that he liked to imagine her now in a field of flowers, dancing and laughing, twirling and leaping through the air. She could never do that, and now we only have our imaginations to see it. And so her sweet lamb will do for her.”

Thanks to the hardworking rescuers, veterinary team, and workers at Signal Hill, we know that Scarlett the lamb will be dancing in no time!

All Image Source: Signal Hill Sanctuary/Facebook