After being born on a sheep farm, little Sophie, unfortunately, did not have to wait long for difficulties to start coming her way. When she could not stand up as a newborn lamb, it was discovered that Sophie had contracted tendons, a condition which, although treatable, is rarely actually treated in farm animals. The lamb soon found herself malnourished and nearing an end to her life so soon after it began. Fortunately, the tides really did turn for this little one. Today Sophie lives at Farm Sanctuary and, as her caretakers write, “this pint-sized ambassador is now demonstrating the importance of compassion and the power of sanctuary.”

Sophie’s condition is often left untreated since most farmers consider it economically unsustainable to invest a lot of money into an animal that is going to be killed for profit. But Sophie was very lucky. She found a friend and an ally in a worker who fell in love with the baby lamb and decided to do everything to give her a chance.

The farm worker asked her employer if she could take Sophie to her small hobby farm. The farmer luckily agreed and Sophie’s new life was about to start. Her new guardian worked hard to build strength in Sophie’s legs, but it was a difficult task. The big-hearted woman realized that the lamb needed professional care, and she reached out to Farm Sanctuary whose team welcomed Sophie to their New York Shelter and provided her with specialized care.

Thanks to the sanctuary’s relationship with the Nemo Farm Animal Hospital at Cornell University, Sophie underwent all the necessary diagnostics at the facility. It turned out that she also suffered from pneumonia, selenium, and vitamin E deficiencies. Sophie was also very small and looked more like a two-month-old lamb instead of a six-month-old one. The veterinary team recommended splints to lengthen the tendons and strengthen her legs.

Today, Sophie’s recovery is going well – the splints are working and the lamb is already starting to slowly improve. She is learning to walk on her own, starting to graze, and, of course, she loves to spend time with the sanctuary’s staff and volunteers, without a doubt feeling how much they are cheering her on along her way to full recovery.



“At Farm Sanctuary, Sophie receives all the individualized attention and care she needs to thrive — and because someone noticed and honored her strong will to live, she’s now able to serve as an ambassador for other farm animals like her,” the Farm Sanctuary team writes. “When people meet Sophie today, they see a cute, lovable lamb with a strong and beautiful spirit. And while it’s clear that she is indeed a unique and special individual, so too are each of the billions of farm animals who are slaughtered each year — the only real difference is that Sophie has a chance to show the world who she is.”

It is so beautiful to see these kind people going above and beyond to provide little Sophie with so much support. We can’t wait to see more updates as she grows!

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All image source: Farm Sanctuary/Facebook