Bunny rabbits might possibly be the cutest animals in the world. Few things on earth are softer, and even fewer still give such sweet cuddles! It is hard to look at a bunny rabbit and imagine anyone trying to hurt them. Yet, this is what happens each day in animals testing facilities, all over America.

Currently, there are estimated to be about 200,000 rabbits being used for cruel experimentation in the USA each year. Some of these animals will be used for medical research, but many will be strapped down and have their eyes sprayed with toxic chemicals, all for the purpose of testing human cosmetics. There are other ways to test cosmetics and the people at ARME (Animal Rescue Media and Education) and New Life Animals Sanctuary are out trying to stop this senseless abuse, one rescue at a time.


When a San Francisco Area lab closed their doors for good, they were kind enough to grant their research animals a second chance at life by calling in ARME.

 A member of the rescue team writes, “Mama bunnies spent their whole lives in a cold, terrifying laboratory where they were treated as tools, numbers, nothing more than a cruel, archaic experiment. Their babies were brought into this world with the sole intent of tearing them away to be tested on.”

In total, they were able to save 34 animals, 17 rabbits, two momma’s and 17 babies!

These lucky little bunnies are now enjoying kindness and love at the New Life Animal Sanctuary in California, where their motto is “Life after labs.” 


Hopefully, one day in the future, this kind of unnecessary cruelty will be outlawed in America, as it is for much of the rest of the world. One thing that we all can do to make our wished heard is to boycott companies that test their products on animals, in favor of cruelty-free options. Often they cost the same, and now finding them has gotten even easier, thanks to a great new app called Cruelty Cutter. This ingenious product uses a barcode scanner to pick out which cosmetics and household items are cruelty-free, allowing the consumer to make educated decisions.

Perhaps one day soon, if enough people make these choices, there will no longer be lab animals in need of rescue.



If you would like to donate to New Life Animal Sanctuary, please visit their website or click here. To learn more about ARME, check out their Facebook page.

All image source: New Life Animal Sanctuary/Facebook