Animals all around the world are struggling to survive a losing battle against the careless acts of man. From being directly targeted by poachers, to suffering the damaging effects of climate change, to losing their native habitats to deforestation caused by land and agricultural development, the world’s wildlife needs all the help they can get from concerned animal lovers of the planet.

According to a petition on Care2 written by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), koalas in the southwest region of Victoria, Australia are losing their native habitats because of the development of blue gum plantations. Once their homes are destroyed, the lost koalas seek refuge in the plantations, but human-run territories are not safe places for these precious marsupials.

The petition explains that the Victorian government has recognized the plight of koalas, and they introduced a Koala Management plan in January of this year that requires loggers and land developers to create “koala plans” and have “koala spotters” on site during operations. Although this is a great step forward in the protection of this species, IFAW explains there is a major way in which this plan falls short: there is nowhere for these koalas to go after they lose their rightful homes.

IFAW suggests that logging companies should be required by law to contribute part of their profits toward providing safe havens for displaced koalas. The careless development of these plantations not only harms these beautiful animals and destroys native habitats, but it also creates a financial burden on rescue organizations that are struggling to rehabilitate koalas, which can be a very costly and timely process.

Koalas’ only natural habitat is Australia, and losing them will certainly have a significant irreversible impact on the planet’s biodiversity. If you agree more needs to be done to protect koalas from losing their natural habitats, please take a moment to sign this petition in support of IFAW’s proposed idea. And please share this with your network to help gain further support for the cause!

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