Portland, Victoria’s Main Street is the perfect place to scamper down from a tree and do some leisurely window shopping, or at least a certain koala thought so.

Seen taking a stroll out with the Australian locals, the koala could not have been less fazed by the people milling around as he made his way through the crowded street like a total boss.


This guy was so relaxed, he even stopped for a photo-op when a child approached him with a camera to snap his picture, acting as if it’s something that happens all the time in his koala day. Honestly, maybe it does, considering that this particular area of Australia is known for having a large population of koalas living amongst the trees in the city’s outskirts. Sightings are far from uncommon, but along the main strip they’re admittedly more rare.

The curious marsupial was able to get through the admiring throngs without anyone reaching out to touch him or feed him, which is great. Though ridiculously cute (Seriously, you gotta click the video. This guy has swagger.), koalas are wild animals and should not be interacted with for the sake of both their safety and yours. In this instance, Captain Adorable was doing just fine and eventually made it back to the safety of a tree, but if you see an animal that appears to be in distress, always contact the proper authorities to give the animal professional assistance.


Well, I climbed down. Guess I gotta go get my shop on.


Did you get the shot? Cool, I’m gonna duck into this salon behind me now, there’s no appointments necessary.

Matt Gallant/Twitter

Sigh…I can never shake the paparazzi. 

Herald Sun/Twitter

Fine, I’ll pose. Everyone say, “Eucalyptus!”

“No autographs please, I don’t wanna see it end up on eBay again.”



Lead Image Credit: Review Video/YouTube