With or without a dog, going on walks is a daily ritual that’s good for your health and mood. You get a bit of exercise and it can be used as a time for reflection about all that is going on in your life. You likely won’t run into much difference when taking routine walks in familiar areas, but what would your reaction be if you were out walking in the woods only to suddenly hear shifting sounds and animal noises? This is exactly what happened to one couple!

The animal sounds a Texas couple heard on their walk in the woods was soon paired with the curious eyes of four fuzzy kittens! It was obvious to the couple the kittens were not supposed to be in the woods, especially not alone, and the fact all four practically walked right up to the couple led them to believe someone had abandoned the kittens instead of being feral. The sweet sounds of gratitude coming from the babies as they gently approach will put a big smile on your face. They were finally going to be rescued.


In the video, the young man is holding the abandoned kittens as he describes how he can feel all their bones, showing their emaciated look to the camera. They were very hungry, dehydrated, exhausted, and covered in fleas, but in the car they laid and homeward bound they went! Watch to see the compassion from rescue to feeding to bath time.

Image source: James Wragg/Flickr