It’s no secret that curious kittens get into all kinds of mischief. Romping through our houses, there’s no telling what they will do. One little street kitten, in particular, managed to sneak his way to stardom. When Lieutenant Nick Grimmer, a Naval helicopter pilot, took a drive in his car, a 300-mile one to be exact, he had no idea of the precious stowaway hidden in his car.

Lt. Grimmer, who flies with “The Flying Tigers” squadron, heard a quiet meowing coming from his car and furiously searched to locate its source. 


He then called in the Navy’s air engineers, and they began dismantling his car. Upon taking off the bumper, they came across a tiny tiger striped kitten who must’ve crawled in, searching for shelter when the car was parked.

After unsuccessfully searching for the baby’s guardians, Lt. Grimmer adopted the little guy and appropriately named him Tigger.

Soon after, the two of them starred on the cover of the 2017 Royal Navy and Marines Calendar together! 




Always be on the lookout for stray animals, especially in the wintertime, as it is easy for them to get into situations like Tigger! Double check your car for a hidden stowaway by looking in the wheel wells and under the hood, these are typically the warmest places. If you should find a stray animal, contact your local shelter.

To see the calendar, visit the Royal Navy and Marines Charity website.

All Image Source: Royal Navy