We have an update for you on sweet kitten Luke!

Seven-month-old Luke was rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock when he was found with a collar embedded in his neck and covered in fleas. He needed surgery to remove the collar and clean the wounds on his neck, as well as receive medication to treat him for his flea infestation.

But look at him today! After a little rest and a lot of love, Luke is on the mend! He might be winking at us here and look half-asleep, but wouldn’t you be as well if you’d suffered his ordeal?

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As Luke grows stronger, his appetite is returning. Here he is feeding himself for what might be the first time in months! He might still be hooked up to an IV with his medicine, but he is doing so well, and we couldn’t be prouder!

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You can see the deep rows of stitches in his neck that sewed him back together. Here Luke is with his favorite human Manuela having a snuggle!

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Luke is now up to date on his shots and needs a little more time to recover, but he will soon be available for adoption! Luke is great with people and doesn’t want much from life, just some cuddles, love, and someone who will give him a safe, warm home.  

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If you want to know more about Luke, you can visit him on his Facebook page, Luke the kitty. If he hasn’t already won your heart with this thankful snuggle with his rescuer, we’re not sure what kind of kitten you are looking for!


There are no excuses for what happened to Luke, no justification for the cruelty and neglect that he suffered. But Luke is going to get better and will receive a second chance in life that so many pets miss out on.

We push for pet adoption to be the way we go about adding new members to our families because of cases like Luke’s. Luke would have ended up euthanized in a shelter or dying in agony alone without the help of Rescue Dogs Rock, as do so many other animals who don’t get so lucky. This is why we have nothing but love and respect for organizations like Rescue Dogs Rock, who go out of their way to help animals who have no one else. Please give their Facebook page a look and give them some support!

Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock