Sometimes we learn about a kitten with a name so awesome, we can’t help but sing her praises. Okay, maybe by “sometimes,” we really mean “this one instance,” but bear with us because this little kitty has a name like a boss. They call her BABs. That’s “Bad Ass B*$%h.” The acronym doesn’t quite fit, you say? Well, Imgur user NMancuso, who blessed this petite feline with her impressive moniker, says that BABs “sounds better and I don’t play by the rules (of acronyms).” Rock on, dude.

BABs was rescued by NMancuso’s girlfriend and like good Samaritans, they took her to the vet to have her health evaluated. The couple was surprised after the vet told them that she was around two or three months old. BABs was malnourished due to the struggle to find food on the streets, a heartbreaking issue that many homeless pets face. Now that she’s on a steady diet, the couple is looking to help BABs find her forever home.


Clearly, BABs’ full name perfectly encapsulates her personality. It doesn’t matter that this human isn’t a cushion. BABs does what BABs wants.



If you live in the Houston, Texas area and know somebody who’d be interesting in a cute little kitten with the best name in the world, NMancuso says that you send him a private message through Imgur or Reddit. Even if you don’t, share this post and help BABs find her home! There’s nothing more awesome than when homeless pets get adopted.

BABs is cute, but she’s very lucky to have been rescued. There are an estimated 70 million homeless pets living in the United States and only three to four million are adopted and around 2.7 million are euthanized because of overcrowding.


These are tough facts to face, but we can change things for the better. To learn more, check out 10 Ways to Help End Pet Homelessness.

All image source: NMancuso/Imgur