Sometimes animals enter our lives in the most unexpected of ways. Some, even, fall right into your lap. No really! Just ask Ellie Haywood.

Ellie, a resident of Melbourne, Australia, and her roommates live in an old home, so old cracks are to be expected. With a storm about to hit their area, Ellie and her roommates placed several buckets out to catch the water from their leaky ceiling.


But then Ellie and her roommates heard scratching from the ceiling. And then a loud crash…  

A kitten and his mom literally fell from the ceiling! “Part of my bedroom ceiling caved in and a kitten fell out of it. No one actually saw the kitten and his mother fall through but we found them straight away,” Ellie told LoveMeow.

The mama cat ran out of the house immediately, unfortunately, but the kitten stayed. The little one was understandably terrified, hissing and spitting at Ellie and her roommates.



But he eventually came around! “He makes us so happy. He’s very active and still a bit clingy, but he’s getting there,” Ellie told Love Meow.

Ellie has named the cutie Asbestos. Seems fitting!



Ellie took Asbestos to a local veterinarian for a check-up and he got a clean bill of health. If you’d like to keep up with Asbestos, you can follow him on Instagram!



A kitten may not fall through your roof, but you can still help needy cats! There are thousands of deserving cats waiting for their forever homes at an animal shelter near you. Choosing to adopt rather than shop for a new pet helps to reduce the homeless pet population and can help free up more space in a shelter for other animals who desperately need itFostering an animal is another great way to help animals in need!

Even if you cannot foster or adopt, you can still help kittens. Participate in your local trap-neuter-release program to ensure that no unwanted kittens are born or use your social media accounts to raise awareness about the importance of adoption and spaying or neutering your pets.

And be sure to share this sweet story with all the cat lovers you know!

Image Source: @ellerodeo/Twitter