When Widdle, a tiny ginger kitten, first arrived at his foster home with his sister from the same litter, it was clear right away that there was something very unique about him. He was much smaller than his sister and it seems like this is the way he is going to stay! He may be tiny, but the kitten has absolutely succeeded at winning his foster mom’s heart.

Widdle came to live with Jessie, a vet nurse and fosterer, along with a few other kittens, Love Meow reports. He was, without contest, the tiniest little baby among them.

Although he was six weeks old at the time, he was the size of a four-week-old kitten. Widdle was the smallest and most frail, but he was also the most chirpy and definitely loved attention.

The moment Widdle saw his foster mom for the first time, they immediately clicked – and he became her “shoulder kitty.”

At first, he was around two-thirds the size of his sister. When they got to 12 weeks, he was half her size.

“I fostered him for months while he didn’t really grow. His sister and foster siblings all grew as normal and were returned to find new homes,” Jessie told Love Meow. “Widdle stayed and stayed. He wriggled his little orange way into our hearts and souls.”

Widdle’s ex-foster, now-forever guardian, and the vet team are trying to figure out why he is growing so slowly. “We have a line of testing worked out for him that he is currently too young for, but for now he is very happy and by all accounts, seems healthy,” she said.

The tiny fellow is full of energy and loves his life. Whenever he visits Jessie’s vet clinic – which is almost daily – he climbs onto people’s shoulders. No shoulder will be left behind!

“He is a shoulder cat through and through, to everyone – whether they like it or not,” Jessie writes.

When Widdle came home with Jessie, he weighed about 360 grams. Now, he weighs about 750 – and, at 17 weeks old, is the size of a seven-week-old kitty.



Widdle may be tiny, but his heart is big. This little kitten had the great luck of finding a wonderful guardian who now cannot imagine parting with him – and is sure to give him all the best care he needs and all the attention he wants!

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All image source: trashcanjonesfosters/Instagram