The stray animals of this world tend to get a pretty raw deal most of the time. Two million cats and 250 to 300 million stray dogs are estimated to roam the world’s streets, with 70 million of these homeless animals living in the U.S. While many of them will sadly never find a forever home, some are lucky enough to be taken in by compassionate humans in the final years or days of their lives.

In the case of Linux, the cat whose heartwarming story is featured in this article, a chance meeting with a woman who fell head over heels in love with him ensured that he got the loving forever home he deserved. The woman shared the story of how she found her beautiful cat on Imgur, explaining, “About four years ago my neighbor started feeding this guy, who she lovingly named ‘Norbert’ in her backyard. He had been mulling around spending time with her cat, but her husband was allergic so she could not bring him inside since one was already too many.”


He is one handsome guy, don’t you think?

The woman used to cat-sit for her neighbor when she was out of town, and even had to track him down on more than one occasion after he tried to run off! She said, “I certainly enjoyed spending time with ‘Norbert,’ once I finally coaxed him to come near me using some food.”

Little by little, she managed to win him over, until he would eventually come and sit with her. A few months later, the woman had moved to a different neighborhood, but “couldn’t leave the poor fella behind.”

After he had lived with her for a year, “Norbert” – now renamed Linux, as his guardian worked in IT – had “relaxed, fattened up, and become the biggest snuggle bug (she had) ever met.”

Linux recently had a brief health scare. He was vomiting, losing weight, and had become excessively thirsty. His guardian feared that she may be about to lose him, but luckily, it turned out that he had a treatable thyroid condition.



She said that he has now “plumped up and gotten his personality back. He’s still an old man at an estimated 13, but still my baby nonetheless.” Aaw … don’t you just love a happy ending?

Lead image: chrisyarzab/Flickr


In-text images: demonfizz/Imgur