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The great disregard some people have for the lives’ of animals is always shocking and terribly disappointing.  Sadly, animals are often viewed as an inconvenience if they have health issues and are in need of special care.  However, thanks to the greater good of humanity, there are also individuals who have a deeply-rooted love and compassion for lives beyond their own.  These animal lovers will go to great lengths to combat the careless neglect of those who have fallen victim to the hands of cruelty.

Though animal rescues and sanctuaries contribute majorly to the fight against cruelty, you do not need to be part of an organization to save a life. Kind-hearted people from all around the world have opened their hearts and homes to abandoned and neglected animals who others have callously deemed as worthless. This touching story of a lucky little Calico kitten, from Imgur user, is a testament to both the cruelty and compassion humans are capable of.

This precious Calico kitten was found abandoned in a dumpster before he could even open his eyes.

After a visit to the veterinarian, the kitten had to have one of his back paws removed due to gangrene.

At the vet, they also discovered some very interesting news- the kitten is a very rare MALE calico. Calico cats are typically female, so this little guy is even extra special!

Looking at this adorable face, we cannot understand how anyone could throw him away like garbage. Luckily for this sweet feline, his new life is full of love and hugs!



Stories like these remind us what people are capable of, both good and bad. If you are considering adding a new pet into your life, please remember this story and the neglected and abandoned animals who would be beyond grateful for your love and care. Always adopt and never shop for a pet – not only will you save one life but countless others by making more space in your local shelter!

All Image Source: /Imgur