Pigs who are born into factory farms are granted a life barely worth living. They are kept in dirty and dismal conditions, hardly have enough room to live comfortably, and eventually they are deemed better off dead than living. Things get even worse for pigs who by chance are born with a deformity or get injured.

Since animal agriculture, above all else, is a profit-hungry business, animals that are not adequate enough for sale are swiftly disposed of. And so, when Leon Trotsky, the piglet, got into an accident at the commercial farm, that took the lives of his two siblings and rendered him immobile, the future looked extremely bleak for this little one. Thankfully, in an odd twist of fate, this accident, freed the little pig from the horrible destiny he was meant for. He was surrendered to Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary, where workers got innovative and crafted a special wheelchair for the little one to get around.


Leon Trotsky


It’s been a couple of years since Leon was given a second chance with Edgar’s Mission, but looking back at when he first arrived reminds us how precious this pig’s life truly was and is! With just a bit of compassion, the rescue workers at Edgar’s Mission granted this animal a gift that so many others only dream of.

“At just over three weeks of age, little Leon Trotsky has more spunk than most who are ten times his size and he has already beaten the odds not once but twice,” Edgar’s Mission said back in 2014 when Leon arrived.  Well, from the photos that the sanctuary has posted of his journey since then, it seems Leon’s spirit hasn’t wavered since!

Leon Trotsky 2



We’re not surprised that despite the hardships this pig has faced in his early life, he still has been able to keep his rambunctious spirit intact! Pigs are incredibly intelligent and the kind people at Edgar’s Mission are always sure to go above and beyond to make life for the animals in their care the absolute best. Aware that he is now in safe hands, Leon is happy as can be. And most importantly, he is treated like the unique individual that he is, is celebrated for his quirks, and most importantly is seen as someone not something.  

All Images Source: Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary