There are few things in life more precious than a newborn. Animals of all species are so innocent and vulnerable in this state, they pull out the mothering behavior in us all. So when a couple in Auckland, New Zealand found a newborn kitten out in the rain all alone, they knew that it was up to them to save this precious little life.

Bruce was only a week old when Kathryn van Beek found him crawling along her walkway, alone. Not only were his eyes still closed, but he still had his umbilical cord attached. Without her help, there is no way Bruce would have survived by himself at this tender age.


Getting this snuggle bug safe, dry and warm was her first priority.

Looks like it’s time for a snack!

Followed immediately by a nap. 

Because tiny Bruce was too small to keep himself warm, his new mom was nice enough to make him a kitten bed lined with fuzzy blankets and warm towels.


With all of this kitten cuteness around, it was time to get young Bruce his own Facebook page. Who can resist this face?

A week later and Bruce is doing very well in his new home. He has been eating a lot and is gaining weight like a proper kitty should. Check out his milk mustache!

Little Bruce reached the milestone of graduating from being fed with an eyedropper to being fed with a bottle. They grow up so fast!

Now that he’s gotten this whole eating, sleeping, and purring thing down, the world is his for the taking!



Having a kitten in the house is a lot of work, but they pay you back with a lot of love. This little fella will be a loyal friend and confidante to Kathryn and her family for the rest of his life. This heartwarming story is a great example of how a little kindness can save a life.

All image source: Bruce the Cat/Facebook