Need a little faith restored in humanity today? Look no further than here!

Animal Aid Unlimited recently posted a video on Youtube showing slum dwellers in India assisting a sickly cow. Though in dire poverty themselves, these people first checked the young cow for injury and then managed to fashion a sort of cow-stretcher to carry the animal to their animal ambulance.


Mabel, our damsel-in-distress in this story, received pain medication, IV fluids, food, and a massage for her injured leg. And after two days of this caring attention, Mabel was able to stand unassisted.

Compassion lives in all of us, so say the good people of Animal Aid Unlimited, who rescue ill and injured street animals across India with little support. Street animals are no less important than the pets we keep in our homes; legislation across India now protects street animals from cruelty and neglect. Perhaps it seems strange to us in the Western world to think of street animals aside from cats and dogs, but there are an estimated five million stray cows on the streets throughout India.

Thankfully for Mabel, there was a happy ending, and organizations like Animal Aid Unlimited will continue to do their part in keeping street animals safe and well-cared for.

Consider a donation to Animal Aid Unlimited today if you aren’t in a position to go rescuing a cow yourself!


Image Source: Rachel Lees/Unsplash