Hey cat guardians, does your feline hate being censored? Do they need to take out some stress on a dictator? Well then, you should consider purchasing this Kim Jong-un cat scratching post!

Yes, this is for real; the toy doubles as a one-of-a-kind protest product to make one awesome satirical statement. A team of artists worked on this piece for a whopping 200 hours. All proceeds of the post will go to charity, so hop on over to their online store and take a look at the hilarious piece below.

The Pussycat Riot

The post features a scratch-able section shaped like a body, complete with a Jong-un head to boot. Your cat will love to go crazy on this with her claws!


The artists, who call themselves the Pussycat Riot, wrote on their website, “We aim to raise awareness of the oppressive regimes preventing people from freely enjoying the boundless wealth of mankind’s innovation and creativity… And cat videos. Every revolution begins with a spark. Normally, a bright red dot on the wall would suffice. Ours begins with five freedom felines, and a hashtag: #PussyCatRiot.”

The group has also made a post in the likeness of Vladimir Putin.


This is going to be one scratching session that’s pretty cat-thartic for your fury friend. Plus, you’ll get a good laugh as you watch it happen.

Lead image source: Imgur