People have a lot of different options when it comes to raising awareness for the issues they feel passionately about. Some walk for a cause, others share petitions on social media, and some people, like Nathan Pettigrew, become fully engrossed in their mission. Literally. What is Nathan Pettigrew’s mission? Well, it’s quite simple: to save the oceans.

To get more people to think about the effects human activity has on the ocean, he has taken to the sea with his kayak and camera and is sharing all of the magical scenes he stumbles upon while also providing a few helpful tips along the way. And given the condition the ocean is currently in, there sure is a lot to raise awareness for. Whether it’s the fact that we dump 8.8 million tons of plastic into these waters every year, that we have a major pollution problem, or that we are fishing faster than the ocean can recuperate, the future of our oceans are looking pretty bleak.


Pettigrew is helping shed light on our majestic ocean and all the lives at stake, if we don’t change our habits, by providing the Internet with some seriously amazing pictures.

This photograph of serene dolphins highlights how peaceful and gentle these creatures are, and of course, how much they value their ocean home. 

Orcas also look very different than they do at Sea World. Here you can see them for the gentle giants that they are. 

Pettigrew knows that this is the only way orcas should be living. He boycotts Sea World and urges his followers to do the same. 

When posting the picture of this seal, Pettigrew reminded dog guardians to keep their pups on leashes when around seals and to give these cute creatures at least 20 meters of space. Helpful! 

When Pettigrew isn’t out at sea, he’s giving interviews, speeches, and even talks at schools to teach kids about the ocean and how to care for their “friends” that live in it. Looks like he’s gathered some fans along the way. 

Without a reminder of the precious lives at stake, we don’t end up reflecting on our habits. We all have the power to make the ocean, and world, a better place. Through photos, Pettigrew is able to bridge this thinking gap and remind us of its magnificent beauty. 



While at times it seems like our plastic and pollution problems have grown so severe that we have reached the point of no return, we must remember that every day we have the choice to better our ocean and our world by making conscientious choices. We can bring a reusable bag to the grocery store, we can refuse plastic cutlery, and we can choose to stop purchasing so many plastic items and start going D.I.Y with stuff like toothpaste, shampoo, and cleaners.

Reducing the amount of plastic you use on a daily basis might seem daunting, but it’s imperative that we realize how important it is for the future of our ecosystem. Luckily for you, One Green Planet is here to help you kick your plastic habit to the curb! To learn how, join our #CrushPlastic campaign. Our ocean depends on it!

Let’s #CrushPlastic! Click the graphic below for more information.



All Images Source: Nathan Pettigrew/Facebook