When will the cruelty stop?! As animal lovers, we ask ourselves this more times than we can remember. For the innocent animals involved, however, it must seem like the pain will never end – until the literal end. Laxmi the elephant experienced this agonizing pain for most of her life. Not only was she stolen from her mother, trafficked across India, and tortured with bullhooks, sticks, and spears, but she was also starved to the point of death. Wildlife SOS has set up a petition seeking justice for this once majestic elephant that was deprived of even her basic needs at the hands of heartless humans.

Elephants already endure immense injustices and cruelty day after day at the hands of human greed – from exploitation, captivity, trophy hunting, and now this?


According to the report, Laxmi was so emaciated that her skin sagged over her bony body, her legs could no longer support her body weight, and she cried out in extreme pain every time she attempted to move. Yet, the people who doomed her to this horrifying life still had no compassion. They forced her to deal with it until the only relief for her was death.


On top of that, Laxmi’s captors fled afterward. This means they are free to do this again to another innocent animal. We can’t let this happen! Sign the petition and urge the Chief Wildlife Warden of Bihar to take action not only for Laxmi but for all wildlife. Let anyone even thinking about such crimes against animals know that it will not be taken lightly and they will be punished.

This terrible event should never have happened in the first place, after all, Laxmi was illegally captured. Additionally, she could have been saved if her condition had been reported earlier. The authorities must take the appropriate measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again and if it does, the responsible party will be brought to justice quickly. It’s time for the Chief Wildlife Warden of Bihar to set a precedent and stick to it.


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Image Source: Wildlife SOS India