Jed the “lurcher,” or greyhound mix, was brought to The Dogs Trust, a U.K. based animal shelter, when he was just four months old. As an adorable puppy, The Dogs Trust staff thought they would have no problem finding this energetic boy a home. Nearly seven years later, though, Jed was still at the shelter, still looking for a forever home. According to shelter staff, Jed was actually adopted on a couple different occasions, but was returned either because he was too energetic or because the family’s situation changed.

So Jed kept waiting. An estimated 17,000 potential adopters came and went through the shelter doors, and Jed remained.  That is, until this past Christmas when Jed’s wish finally came true! After an article featuring Jed was published, a couple from Whitby, North Yorkshire made the trip to meet Jed. It was an instant connection, and Jed was finally going home!


“We are so delighted that Jed had finally found such a fantastic home after searching for so many years,” says Beverly Watson, rehoming centre assistant manager at Dogs Trust Darlington. “He is such a character and we all became so attached to him in all the time he was with us, so it really is the best New Year present we could ask for to see how happy he is with Ian and Elizabeth. I’ve worked in animal welfare for ten years and to see Jed get rehomed is undoubtedly one of the highlights.”

According to his new awesome parents, Jed took no time settling into the good life. He gets to go for long walks, sleep next to the fire, play with his new (extensive) toy collection, and hang out with his adoring parents.

“We are really looking forward to the future with Jed, after so long without a home we can’t wait to make 2015 as special as possible for him,” said Jed’s new dad, Ian Woodcock.

Jed’s story goes to show that there truly is a family for every dog, and a dog for every family. Sometimes they just take a little longer to find each other.


Jed, the lurcher, has spent the past seven years at the shelter. 

After much waiting, Jed finally found a family just before Christmas.

Jed is now living the life. He is the new, proud owner of many toys.

He gets to nap by the fire, and hang out with his adoring new parents.

Life is now good for this handsome boy. He just had to wait a little longer than normal.


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