Jealousy can be a green-eyed monster. Whether it be in family situations, among friends or in a romantic relationship, we’ve all felt the pangs of jealousy at some point. If you’re a sibling who feels your brother or sister gets more attention than you, then you’ve often been in situations where you just wanted a little more attention from your parent. Sometimes you can’t be tactful when you want attention from someone you love or admire. You have to be bold!

Take some tips from Holly the Husky/Shepherd cross in this video, who seems to have no qualms about letting her foster dad know she needs some more attention. While Titan the Siberian Husky is basking in the love, Holly lets it be known that her human friend needs to share the love. That should be an easy thing to do because who couldn’t love both those beautiful faces? All dogs just want love from their humans. And they deserve it because they are, after all, man’s best friend.