If you love Jamba Juice, we have some really exciting news. The popular juice bar company, one of many in the juice market that has exploded in the past few years, is setting itself apart from the crowd with a new look and menu. While most consumers flock to Jamba Juice for a nutrition-packed beverage, soon people will also be able to stop by the location for a healthy vegan lunch!

Jamba Juice’s “Innovation Bar,” currently under construction in Old Town Pasadena, California, will not only have a new artsy interior, a sleek bar area, a modern test kitchen, and ample seating, but it’s taking this renovation as an opportunity to launch a new plant-based menu.




At most of Jamba Juice’s locations, you will obviously find tons of nutrient-packed smoothies, juices, and energy shots, but their food menu is not as laser-focused on health. With tons meat-centric sandwiches, and salads with thick, creamy dressings, customers looking to leave meat and dairy off the menu have had a harder time finding something to nosh on. While, of course, Jamba Juice stores do have acai bowls, oatmeal, and vegan-friendly salads, CEO James D. White says this new sustainable and clean menu will “give Jamba Juice a chance to step forward.”

White plans to use the store as a guinea pig of sorts, for ideas he wants to see at Jamba’s other locations. “The Jamba Concept Store will allow us to push the boundaries of the brand and enable us to innovate in three key areas: product development, technology and the customer experience,” said White.


Considering public demand for clean and healthier food is at an all-time high, we think Jamba Juice’s new menu is sure to entice plenty of new conscious eaters as well as those who typically thought of Jamba as a one-dimensional company. It’s great to see companies and consumers alike are all looking for new ways to #EatForThePlanet.

Image Source: Eater LA