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not eating animals dangerous

In a new interview, published in the Sydney Morning Herald, Jonathan Safran Foer, author of the widely acclaimed book, “Eating Animals” discusses why he thinks the idea of not eating animals is a dangerous one.

“There are ideas that can literally put you in physical danger, which this one can,” he says. ”There are ideas that are socially dangerous, which this one is. There are ideas that are dangerous because of their potential to change things in a dramatic way, which this one also is. So by most definitions, I would say that not eating animals is a dangerous idea.”

He does make a good point. The idea of not eating animals not only threatens our cultural conditioning, beliefs and traditions, but also threatens billion dollar industries that are built on the use and exploitation of animals. This definitely helps put a lot of the opposition to veganism and misinformation around plant-based diets into context. People and industries that are threatened will fight back to maintain the status quo and we can only expect a lot more of that in the years ahead.

However, let’s not forget….

Not eating animals may be a dangerous idea, but it’s the right one!

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