This is just amazing! Just a few months ago in June, we shared the news of Jay Wilde, a beef farmer who had a change of heart and sent all of his cattle to Hillside Animal Sanctuary in the UK. And now yet another farmer is now following Jay’s lead and sending his cows to the same sanctuary!

A farmer in Ireland, who wishes to remain anonymous, had a change of heart and is sending all of 70 his cows to the sanctuary. The dairy cows have become bonded over the years and the farmer wishes to protect them from the slaughterhouse. According to That’s Farming, the farmer wanted them to live out the rest of their days naturally and couldn’t find it in his heart to send them to slaughter when other options were available.

Famous Irish musician Sharon Shannon visited the farmer after learning of his “noble and admirable decision.” 

Sharon Shannon

Watch the video below to see Sharon play music for the cows. They love it!


Sharon notes that “…these beautiful animals will now go to a sanctuary instead of being sold for slaughter or becoming victims of live export. This is an awakening example of how compassion and kindness has won over in a world full of greed.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help raise funds because as you can imagine, moving all of the cows to their new forever home is no easy feat and requires a lot of funding. If you are able, you can contribute to the GoFundMe campaign, where all of the funds raised will go to Hillside Animal Sanctuary as they prepare to take in all of the cows and provide lifetime care.

To learn more about the work Hillside Animal Sanctuary does to protect farm animals, visit their website.

We can’t wait to see updates about these lucky cows from the sanctuary!

Lead image source: Rockin’Rita/Flickr