When you’re eating more plant-based foods, it’s likely that you’ll encounter a few minor misunderstandings with your friends and family. Accompanied by the questions of “why?” meat and dairy are absent from your plate are often queries like “so, where do you get your protein?” and more — and we take these in stride because hey, maybe at some point, we asked those same questions. In spite of the fact there has been rapid growth of the plant-based food space, there often still seems to be a general misunderstanding of what it is that plant-based food is. Well, we have the answer for you: everything. Yes — everything.

When it comes to what we can make from plants, the possibilities are endless. For example, the Impossible Burger, also known as “the burger that bleeds” replicated beef fat with coconut oil and potato protein to recreate that crust you get when you grill a meat patty. If you have kala namak, or black salt, you can even make egg-free omelets, quiches, scrambles, and more taste just like eggs. Tofu Benedict, anyone? If you stop by #EatForThePlanet on Instagram, you’ll really see how diverse vegan food can be, ranging from whole vegetables being transformed into show-stopping entrées to recreations of dishes that are traditionally made from meat and dairy.


Speaking of tradition, one Instagram, in particular, has thrown it out the window when it comes to making doughnuts — and it’s the best thing ever. The account in question, sobeautifullyreal, run by Australian native Sam, is filled with photos of the most gorgeous and drool-worthy raw vegan desserts we’ve ever seen, but what really caught our eye is the raw vegan doughnuts. Check out the photos below. We’re 99.99 percent certain that you’ll agree.

We love how these raw cashew doughnuts with lemon, lavender, and vanilla icing help us use our imagination to escape the cold — and they’re topped with macadamia nut “sand” and vegan white chocolate seashells.

Raw vegan doughnut cereal — because we needed (yes, as in, needed in order to live) a vegan answer to Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cookie Crisp.

We never knew that what’s been missing from our lives all this time was a vegan pizza doughnut. 

This raw vegan galaxy cheesecake topped with a galaxy doughnut will make anyone channel their inner space princess/prince/gender-neutral royalty.

We don’t know why this sushi doughnut made from sticky rice, black sesame, avocado, and cashew mayonnaise hasn’t shown up at every single sushi joint yet. C’mon now.



Not only are all these doughnuts completely innovative, they just go to show you how diverse plant-based food can be — even if they’re all the same shape. Sam, the owner of the account, also happens to sell her raw vegan desserts to local shops and she takes custom orders — if you live in Australia, we’re totally jealous.


To check out more creations, click here.

All image source: sobeautifullyreal/Instagram