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Rescue Dogs Rock would like to introduce you to this beautiful little boy named Theo, who is in desperate need of some love and affection, as well as a really good bath.

Theo, who currently resembles little more than a gnarled old floor mop, was found in flood water following heavy rains in South Texas. This poor little man was drowning when he was rescued by a concerned passerby, who spotted him gasping for air and rushed forward to help.

Theo’s rescuer immediately contacted Rescue Dogs Rock, and it was discovered that the blood Theo’s fur was covered in was from a gaping neck wound. A checkup revealed the wound to be from puncture marks most likely from another dog. We can’t know exactly what happened to Theo, but he is in a very bad way and needs help. 


Can you imagine how terrified poor Theo must have been stranded here? It is hard to think of a human surviving these conditions in heavy rain with flood water churning all around and making it difficult to get to safety, let alone this poor boy!

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Theo is currently with the Vet Hospital for life-saving medical care. His wound is very deep, and the blood keeps flowing from it. As well as his neck wound, Theo’s fur is matted in clumps with both blood and dirt. No wonder he looks so sorry for himself! He is safe now, but he is in a very critical condition. We wish you well, Theo! Please get better soon!R2 1


Pets are often caught up in these flash flood events. We hear stories of guardians who become trapped because they refuse to leave their animals behind, and how brave rescuers like Theo’s put their own lives at risk to save animals who have become stranded. Without these heroes, and organizations like Rescue Dogs Rock, we dread to think how many animals would be lost in these freak weather conditions.

Rescue Dogs Rock works tirelessly to raise awareness of the ever-growing plight of homeless animals in America, both in shelters and those dumped on our streets. If you want to help the rescue continue with this essential work to save dogs like Theo, please consider making a donation. 

Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock