India to Phase Out Animal Dissection in Universities

Thanks to an extensive campaign led by PETA India, the University Grants Commission, the governing body for Indian Universities has officially recommended that all colleges and universities in India replace animal dissection and animal experimentation in zoology and life sciences courses with modern non-animal methods.

It is estimated that Indian universities will save 19 million animals every year by switching to computer simulations, interactive CD-ROMs, films, charts and lifelike models.


“By recommending the elimination of animal dissection, Indian’s top university governing body is doing everything possible to ensure that students use the most modern education tools possible, meaning computer models over animals”, says PETA India Science Policy Advisor Dr Chaitanya Koduri.

PETA India will now write to colleges and universities across the country that offer zoology and life-sciences courses and urge them to implement the UGC recommendations.

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Image Source: Kim Carpenter/Flickr