In an incredible victory, volunteers from the Humane Society International recently carried out the rescue of 50 dogs from a South Korean meat farm! These poor pups have spent the duration of their lives in filthy, tiny wire cages, scared, and traumatized. Thankfully, these animals have been saved from the harrowing fate of becoming butchered for profit as part of the dog meat tradeNow, these dogs are on their way to get the medical care and treatment they need. Eventually, these pups will be adopted into their forever homes.

We are so blown away by the amazing work of these brave individuals and we can only imagine how grateful these pups are to be free from their wire cages.

“The conditions on the farm were terrible. We found the dogs living in barren cages during freezing temperatures, waiting for slaughter,” rescuers said.

The dogs were understandably frightened, but HSI’s Animal Rescue Team are pros at making the dogs feel safe and comfortable.

One look at the hope in this pup’s eyes shows just how amazing this rescue effort was.

While several countries allow the sale of dog meat, South Korea is the only country that farms the animals for food.

We’re so glad to know that the days of suffering are over for these little ones.

This is likely the first time this dog has ever experienced love.

A better life is not far off for this sweet family! 

The dogs were eventually loaded into the HSI van. They will soon receive medical care and when ready, be adopted into their forever homes. 

In this puppy’s short life, all he has known is pain and misery. But thanks to his rescuers, he will now have a second chance.



In the past year, HSI has shut down four dog meat farms in South Korea, assisted in the rescue of more than 8,000 dogs from trucks headed for slaughter, and have made great strides in shutting down China’s infamous Yulin dog meat festival. However, there are still thousands of dogs still at risk for the same fate. You can help be a hero to the dogs of South Korea’s meat trade by supporting HSI’s work.

Check out the video below to see the full rescue:

All image source: Humane Society International