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The fight to save animals used in laboratories has been an ongoing battle for decades. The terrified faces of rabbits and primates in laboratories have become associated with the movement, but many other animals are also used in laboratory experiments.

According to the animal advocacy group, Beagle Freedom Project (BFP), 70,000 dogs are used in lab experiments each and every year, and a staggering 96 percent of these dogs are beagles. As BFP explains, this breed is chosen because of its relatively small size and docile nature, making the dogs easy to handle during inhumane and painful tests.

Thankfully, however, there is a growing movement toward awareness of this serious issue, and policies are beginning to change the fate of these innocent animals. Five states, Minnesota, California, Nevada, Connecticut, and New York, have already passed the Beagle Freedom Law, and now Illinois has joined them! The Beagle Freedom Law, set forth by BFP, requires labs to put retired lab beagles up for adoption rather than euthanizing them, which gives a second chance at life for these sweet dogs.

Thanks to the amazing efforts of BFP, countless dogs, cats, and other animals, have been given a second chance at enjoying life after labs. In laboratories, these animals are deprived of the most basic things, such as a warm bed, good food, and a positive experience with humans. Caring for former lab animals might be a bit of a challenge, as most have to learn the basics of what it’s like to live in a home, but they pay back all the effort 10-fold with their love and affection.

If you would like to learn more about the Beagle Freedom Project or are interested in adopting a rescued animal, you can visit their website here. And please share this good news with your family and friends!

Lead Image Source: Beagle Freedom Project/Facebook