Introducing a new family member can require a little time and patience. Especially when, two of those family members are of different species! But despite what the cartoons would have you believe, dogs and cats can be excellent friends. This is especially the case when new kittens are added to a grown up dog family. Perhaps they too get caught up in all of that kitty cat cuteness, like the rest of us!

These photos from Imgur user INDIG0MONKEY, show the budding love story between a small rescued kitten and the husky who adopted her. Prepare yourself for the ultimate cute overload.


This husky is clearly smitten with her little kitty cat companion.

“You’re all mine now little kitteh!”

This smart kitty has found the most comfortable spot in the house to sleep in.

“Oh good, stay there. Now I can always keep an eye on you.”

Is this not the glowing face of an incredibly proud parent? You can almost hear the kitten thinking “I got it from my mama!”

Four fuzzy faces and bushy tails, now this is one beautiful family photo! Who says they’re any different from one another?


This  cuteness overload was brought to you by the good animals of the world, who prove to us everyday that love is always possible if you are open to it, despite difference in species.  If only people could learn this lesson, the world would be a much happier place!

All image source: INDIG0MONKEY/Imgur