Whales are among some of the most intelligent and dynamic creatures on Earth. It is really no surprise that humans are extremely fascinated by them. Sadly, this fascination has lead people to capture whales from their wild habitat and put them on display in marine parks for the sake of our own entertainment. Over the years we have learned how captivity impacts the mental and physical well-being of cetaceans, but unfortunately, many are still suffering in tanks across the world. When we take a look at whales in the wild, performing their natural behaviors, the thought of keeping these amazing creatures in tiny concrete fishbowls becomes all the more absurd.

Just check out the wild humpback whales in this video. This group of whales is working together to hunt their next meal. By coordinating their breathing patterns to create a giant bubble storm, the whales strategically herd the fish to the surface where they are easy to catch. This is just one single example of the intelligence of whales, but it certainly shows that these creatures deserve so much more than life in captivity.