Being a cat lover is not without its dilemmas, often the chief among them being how to introduce another furry friend into your house when it’s already under the reign of Queen Meowington the Cuddly or King Purrs-a-Lot. It’s pretty common knowledge that once a cat has established their domain, they often look a mite unfavorably at usurpers to their territory.

There is a basic process one can follow to ease the transition and make two cats accept each other, however. As the video states, starting them off separately and introducing them through a series of gradual steps can increase your success for a lifelong cat friendship while being mindful of their safety and well-being in the process.

Does it actually work? Is there really a proven method for making two seemingly arch nemeses embrace one another as friends? You’ll have to watch the end to find out. There may or may not be cuteness involved.