Spring is finally here after a long, brutal winter, and new wildlife babies are among us. Sometimes these babies end up in the wrong places, as was the case for one homeowner who found an early litter of squirrels in her attic.

While many would call an exterminator or seal up entry points (which eventually would suffocate the squirrels), this homeowner did the right thing: she called Humane Wildlife Services (HWS) to evacuate the animals without harm.

The rescue team installed a one-way exit door at the attic’s entry point to let the mother squirrel out while blocking the way back in. Then, they put her babies in a special “reunion box” next to the entry point so the mother could rescue her young and relocate them to a den on her own.

Watch the video to see the right, humane way to deal with wild animals in your attic. There’s no need to harm animals when rescue teams like HWS are at your service.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons