Meet Lola the kitten. She was adopted by Imgur user laurenigo45, who so graciously shared these photos of her feline companion settling into her new home. We don’t know much about Lola’s full story, but we do know that one of the best things possible happened to this little kitty: she was adopted from a shelter.

In the United States alone, there are over 70 million homeless cats and dogs. Out of this number, only six million enter shelters each year.


You can help reduce that number by opening your home to a furry companion. As you can see by the look on Lola’s face, they truly appreciate it. 

Just one adoption means that the shelter can take in one more homeless animal — and you get a friend for life who’ll be happy to keep you warm.

No animal should have to spend their life struggling on the streets or locked in a cage. They should all be as happy as Lola.

“Cheers to a new home!”

You may not be able to adopt, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do to help make life better for shelter animals! Most neighborhoods participate in trap-neuter-release programs. Spaying and neutering homeless cats helps control the population, meaning there will be fewer cats and kittens who never have a chance at a home. You can also help by spreading awareness! Share this story and let your friends and family know that they should always adopt and never shop.


All image source: laurenigo45/Imgur