Everyone loves a great, heartwarming animal rescue story. When you read this one, Green Monsters – which ended happily, in spite of the fact that the affected animals had been callously abandoned – it will surely put a smile on your face! A couple of months ago, Animal Services Officers in San Jose, Cal., received a call about a horse, four ponies, and two goats who had been left in an old barn. When they arrived at the scene, they were shocked to find them severely emaciated, standing in thick mud, with no food to eat or water to drink.

Equine veterinarians from the nearby Tri-County Veterinary Hospital were called out to the barn to examine the horse and ponies and begin treatment. Following this, the Animal Services Officers moved the animals to a safer location. The mare and ponies were brought to The HD Equestrian Center where they could be given a special “refeeding diet,” and receive the care they so desperately required. The goats, meanwhile, went to the San Jose Animal Care Center and were later rehomed. The ponies, too, were soon ready to go to new homes.


These ponies were found huddled together in an extremely muddy area of the barn.

 The animals were so desperate for food, they had resorted to eating their own stalls.

 This beautiful Aztec mare was clearly starving to death.

After all of the trauma they had endured, it no doubt came as a relief for them to be sent to a more loving, caring environment where their needs would be adequately met.

 The mare, however, required more time to heal, as she was found in such a deeply emaciated state. This picture was taken when she had finally managed to get her weight back up to a healthy level!

 She, too, is now ready to leave HD Equestrian Center and embark upon a whole new life!



It just warms our hearts to see these animals getting the care that they need. To learn more about the amazing organization that helped rehabilitate these animals, click here.

All Image Source: Tails of a Shelter Vet