If you’ve been an animal lover for your entire life, it’s highly likely that you had more stuffed animals than you knew what to do with. After all, if you were influenced by Pixar’s Toy Story, then maybe you also held the belief that your toys came to life, while you were asleep or out of the house, very near and dear to your heart. …Anyone?

But, like Andy in Toy Story,  out of all the toys in your collection, you had a favorite. One that you’ve had for as long as you remember — a toy that’s been lost at theme parks, dragged through the dirt, and everything in between because you two were absolutely inseparable. And even when you grew older and toys left your life (hopefully via a thrift store), that childhood favorite stuck with you because good memories stick with you.


We might think getting attached to sentimental objects is something only humans do, but animals feel it too. You’ve probably noticed that when it’s playtime, your dog rummages through their toy box for one in particular. There have also probably been moments when you unearth an old toy that’s been lost beneath the depths of the couch and when your pet sees it, they go absolutely wild. Or maybe, like Breeze, the horse in the photos below, their reaction was a little more sentimental.

Breeze was abandoned as a foal for being too weak. Luckily, he was rescued, brought to the Mare and Foal Sanctuary, and given a big teddy bear named Buttons to comfort him while he recovered. Awww!

Fast-forward to three years later. Breeze is a healthy young horse, thanks to his rescuers – and he was recently reunited with his beloved teddy. As you can see, there’s been no love lost between them.



According to Deputy Yard Manager Nicola Anstey, “Breeze decided to give Buttons a tour of his new stable and carried him around by his ear.” Sounds a lot like a child dragging their favorite toy everywhere! After that, he spent the entire afternoon snoozing and cuddling.


To learn more about Mare and Foal Sanctuary and the work that they do, visit their official website.

Lead image source: SWNS TV/Youtube