If there is any animal who can show us the importance of resilience, it is Hope the kitten.

When she was just 16-weeks-old, Hope was found, abandoned in an Ikea parking lot along with her mother and two siblings. A kind person took the cats to the Burlington Humane Society to help give them a second chance at life.


Things seemed to be looking up for this young cat family, however, when rescuers from the Burlington Humane Society examined the cats, they immediately noticed something was off with Hope.

Born with a microphthalmia, a developmental disorder that affects the eyes, Hope was completely blind. Yet, despite her lack of sight, Hope was incredibly loving and her sweet personality won over the shelter as well as all of their followers on social media.

“She definitely caught the hearts of a lot of people,” Humane Society adoption counsellor Janet Cappus said. In fact, their love for Hope led to an influx of donations to the shelter. With the help of these much-needed donations, Hope was able to receive surgery to have her eyes removed.

Hope’s surgery was successful and she is recovering much more quickly than the shelter staff anticipated. 

“She’s incredibly intelligent and can find her way around,” Cappus said. “She’s the most playful kitten … anything with a spring or a ball, if she could hear it, she was playing with it. She would run all around the room.”

Finding Hope a home that could accommodate her disability was a bit of a challenge. But the Burlington Humane Society was able to find her the purr-fect guardian.

Hope now lives with Alec Nelson. She is an only pet and lives in a single floor apartment. It has taken her no time at all to adjust to her new lifestyle.

“Hope knows her way around her new home but she topples off the side of the couch sometimes, I am resisting the urge to put bubble wrap everywhere!” Nelson writes on Facebook. 



Sounds like true love to us! A big thank you to Alec Nelson and her rescuers at the Burlington Humane Society who made this all possible!

All image source: Burlington Humane Society/Facebook